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Central Heating Systems

Central heating is a convenient, reliable and energy efficient way to heat your home. Trust a local electrician in Paraparaumu to install yours.

Central Heating system

Central heating is a convenient, reliable and energy efficient way to heat your home or office. It maintains a consistent and even temperature throughout the day or night. We install ducted central heating systems that are concealed in the ceiling, it's a discreet, quiet and easy way to heat or cool multiple rooms in your home at once.

Central Heating systems deliver it fast where its needed most. Ducted central heating systems are used in most homes and offices in the northern hemisphere but are becoming increasingly common in New Zealand with good reason - they save money with proven reliability.

Ducted Central Heating is Fast

Winters in Paraparaumu have become noticeably colder and this presents a challenge for your heating system which were designed for warmer times. Likewise, summers in Kapiti are becoming warmer too. You may feel really cold or warm in the evenings, perhaps the entire night, and this confirms you might be using outdated technology that no longer seems up to the job.

We install Central Heating systems in Kapiti which resolve this problem by maintaining a consistent even temperature throughout your home.  It's fast and delivers air year-round for your family. Central Heating systems can be easily controlled with a digital thermostat or adjusted by your smartphone.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest

A modern Ducted Central Heating system will...

1. Reduce your Energy Bills

2. Proven Reliability & Scalable

3. Retrofit any Home Large or Small

4. Heat or Cool Your Home Fast

5. Increase your Properties Value

Euan Whittaker Kapiti Electrician

We install all Ducted Central Heating Systems so give us a call today for your FREE no obligation Quote!

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