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LED Lighting

Save money and the planet with LED Lights. Great for mood lighting and more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. Personalise your home with over 16 million colours from RGB LED's too.

LED Lighting

LED lights are a great option for those who want to save money on their lighting bill. These lights are more efficient, more durable and produce much less heat than traditional light bulbs. They can also work on a dimmer switch too, just the same as light bulbs, so you can control the brightness in any room.


A typical LED light can last up to 25 years, more than 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb. As a result, they are more environmentally friendly too.

Personalise your Home

RGB LED lighting is an exciting new technology that can provide you the ability to personalise your home or office. With RGB LED's, you can change the color of the light from the regular warm or cold white that they normally emit to either red, green or blue.


Mood lighting is possible with RGB LED's and for those who want more than just red, green, or blue colours, there are over 16 million different colour combinations available from the leading brands. The best part though, you can save your favourite colours in the controller or even to a mobile app to use later.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest

Switch to modern LED Lighting to...

1. Save on Energy Bills

2. Longer Lifetime than Bulbs

3. Reduce Ambient Heat

4. Modernise your Home or Office

5. Choose 16M Colours with RGB LED's

Euan Whittaker Kapiti Electrician

We install all types of LED Lighting from the Leading Brands so call your Master Electrician today for a no obligation Quote!

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