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Home Ventilation 

Protect your family by removing air pollutants, prevent condensation and regulate temperature year round with a Home Ventilation system.

Home Ventilation

We partner with New Zealand's trusted brand SmartVent for all our home ventilation installs. Provide your family with an extra layer of protection from respiratory health threats caused by dampness, odours and moulds. Keep your home dry and safe with clean fresh air that is replaced regularly.

SmartVent systems go above and beyond comfortable indoor living. Each one guarantees optimal indoor air quality and circulation so you’re protected from airborne threats that often go unnoticed.

Why choose SmartVent?

Investing in a SmartVent system helps you create cleaner air for safer, healthier home living. Our systems positively pressurise the home, pushing pollutants out and constantly filtering the air so you’re left with fresher and safer air.

Airbourne health threats can come from virtually everywhere. Outdoor pollutants disperse into the air as soon as you get home. Spraying, cooking and cleaning can create moisture that can become mould over time. Don't compromise your health, invest in a SmartVent home ventilation system for your families peace of mind. We are Master Electricians so the work will be completed to the very highest standards.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest

A SmartVent home ventilation system is...

1. Suitable for all Home Types

2. Circulates to avoid Stale Air

3. Stops Window Condensation

4. Prevents Damp & Mould

5. Complete Humidity Control

6. Heat Transfer Between Rooms

7. Reduced Carbon Emissions

8. High Efficiency

9. Long Life Span

10. Long Warranties ​

Euan Whittaker Kapiti Electrician

We install all the Leading Home Ventilation systems so give us a call today for your FREE no obligation Quote!

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